Friday, 4 April 2014


I've actually seldom
Had nothing to say before
This very day

I seldom have
Nothing to say at all
These old days

I wish you
Were right here by my
Sweet side now

The days are
Long and I miss you
And I am

Collapsing in on
Myself and callousing not that
I know what

Callousing means. You
Mean a lot to me
You know that

I am now
Collapsing in on myself now
Can someone write

This essay for
Me please? Can someone write
This for me?

xxx Night night

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The World's Colours

It's all gotten too much
I don't care what you say
Guys, wake the fuck up
And put your phones away

I don't want any pictures
I just want to feel love
Now throw away that rubbish
And wake up to the world.

Don't let the moments pass you
As you catch them on your screen
Phones don't do well- to me, it seems
The world's colours are more real.

Put away your facebook
And tell me how you feel
Life will come and go and pass
The world's colours are more real.

Essay-Writing Prescription- Actually, I just reccommend trying to answer seminar questions first.


In her desperation, she called me at night;
She plead How does a student
An essay write?

Well child 
First off there's food, the biscuits and tea
And always have lunch at a quarter-to-three
The earl grey and digestives will get you through this
And always have breakfast, don't give it a miss.

But surely not? The girl said
Surely food will not write me my essays?

Well child
Books, you will read, first all night and all day
Their thoughts you will read, quotatins obtain
Stats you will find, and stories and fears
You will right them all down; but don't plagiarise ideas-

You will quote every author, they will feel like a friend
After all, you have 'met' them again and again
Then link your ideas on a big piece of paper
Then right it all up and ADD THE QUOTATIONS.

Quotations, she smiled, thanks sir, I'm good to go. 

Ah, not so quickly- you're missing your hope.

Hope, cried the student, sir, hope cannot write!

It is hope, dear, that lead you to call me at night.

The madness and sadness, 
And don't give me no resignation
You've got to be mad
At least just a tad
To write an essay.

String each sentence together, 
Just give me one word,
It takes hope,
It takes guts,
It takes fear,
It takes love.

Love? exclaimed my pupil.

Yes, love. For if we can't love our projects,
We can't love anyone.
Now go, my dear pupil
And get your essay done!

She thanked me, my student
And then she was gone
She was somewhat surprised,
She couldn't have known

That love gets us out of bed each day
-Love for our lives, love for our way
And once you find you are at peace with yourself

Well, perhaps you'll just find
You can write your damned essay.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Day 2, Part 2. If You Came Home

Written 2 weeks ago, want to publish it symbolically.

If You Came Home

Dedicated to my sister

If you came home
Only once in a while
You'd not believe how much that would make me smile

If you paid home a visit
Once within that blue moon
I wouldn't sit in your bedroom
Wishing for you.

Day 2, Part 1: The Knife

Okay, I've got a couple of poems lined up today: today's first one is The Knife

The Knife

Oh, won't you stop talking
Stop looking at me
Quit all that talking
And take your knife out of me

Your words cannot save me
They just cause me pain
Stop twisting that handle
Just love me again.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Day 1 of NaPoWriMo 2K14

Hello. I'm back again. Look at that. Sooo many ideas!

I had several poems in mind (quite possibly) and here's the first one:

I Left Out A Letter by Susanna Chapman

Sunny Sunday in April;
I was painted in green
I found a dark letter
Somehow meant to be seen.

I tidied my room, 
Placing it on a dresser
Perhaps, if you saw it
You'd know my pain better.

Between keyrings and strepsils,
As steely silver as sweet,
I placed the naked paper
For your eyes to see.

Just three keywords on offer
That kinda just said it all
That showed my life's struggle
And how I feel so small.

You walked into my room
Later that day
You looked all around it;
Didn't have a lot to say.

I know that you read it
But you needn't admit;
You know that I'm trying
And that's really it.

I left out a letter 
For just you to see
I hoped you'd look at my life

Tuesday, 30 April 2013


My last 'poem' of NaPoWriMo- I shall probably be updating it with 1 or 2 more.

I you can guess what it's based on- I will be so, so happy!


Hatred's timelessness' giver, and not a million seconds, 

Dull as rising petals, impoverish hatred.
We lose a second apart, save it on weeds 
and beer, and not on the underground in winter or a rocky mountain.

For a single hour we punch; my skin

Like rubbish in the sky; the Beggar darkness 
Keeping your torso grey. Timelessness speeds up, for somewhere else 
We are homeless, getting hit by the daytime

So all things bright will start this opaque second, 
All coals hide their darkness from the donor's dryness.
Set down by the banknote at your toe, 
every empty stage and dirty floor omit you more, invisible than

Somewhere else. Yesterday.Timelessness loves hatred, doesn't want it rich

But hatred spins straw, straw, straw from gold.